Cabinet Vision and ELaser customers can now enjoy tighter integration from measurement to design by utilizing a new data link that allows field measurements to be directly imported into Cabinet Vision Solid.

ELaser, a self-leveling 3D laser measurement system developed by ETemplate Systems, allows users to quickly and accurately measure nearly any jobsite. With a fully rotational laser head, the system measures in full 3D and up to a 160-foot radius, recording as-built measurements in minutes.

The new data link from ETemplate Systems’ ELaser allows those measurements, including the definitions of walls, doors, windows, outlets, and other features, to be seamlessly imported into Cabinet Vision Solid, utilizing Cabinet Vision’s native ORD file format.

“ELaser outputs an ORD file, which contains all the data Cabinet Vision needs to create a floor plan. This eliminates the need for transcribing and therefore reduces data-entry errors. The layout is already there. This reduces the time it takes to create initial designs, and the increased accuracy also means quicker and smoother installation,” says Chip Martin, Cabinet Vision product manager.

“Because the ELaser system measures ‘as built’ conditions, including how level the floor and ceiling are, as well as how plumb the walls are, our customers can ensure that there are far fewer errors during installation. Fewer errors and re-builds translates directly to cost savings,” adds Paul Hansen, President of ETemplate Systems.

Martin further states, “As the world’s most widely used design for manufacturing software, Cabinet Vision is always looking for ways to improve our customers’ businesses. Streamlining manufacturing processes, such as jobsite measuring and data transferring, pays off in lower costs, time savings, and increased quality. Return on investment is what technology is all about.”

The ELaser link is now available from ETemplate Systems for Cabinet Vision users around the world.


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