Blum headquarters, Stanley, NC
Blum headquarters, Stanley, NC

Stanley, NC – Blum, Inc. began a two-year, $28.5 million investment that will see new machinery and equipment additions at its U.S. headquarters in Stanley, NC.

“After a long period of depressed growth in the building industry it has become favorable and necessary to invest as the market is expanding,” says Karl Rudisser, CEO and President of Blum US

Increased production will be devoted to Blum’s well known TANDEM runner, with new upgrades to the assembly and stamping areas. Warehouse upgrades and an investment in solar panel equipment are also included. There will also be upgrades in injection molding and hinge assembly.

Blum Invests $28.5 Million in 2-Year U.S. Plant Expansion Blum, best known for designing and manufacturing high quality functional hardware for kitchen cabinets, also builds and maintains the machines that assemble the complex cabinetry and furniture products. The expansion will enhance its machining capabilities and provide improved support for the maintenance of equipment and tooling.


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