RIMINI, ITALY - Woodworking machinery manufacturer Scm Group says its Doors and Windows Technology Days delivered on its promise and turned out to be a huge success due to the training and idea exchange opportunities that took place for the many door and window manufacturers. Visitors came to Scm's Rimini headquarters from all over Italy, and many foreign countries, particularly from North, Central and Eastern Europe, the United States, Japan, Malaysia and North Africa.

Over 300 businesses attended the event, from small artisans who wanted to familiarize themselves with numeric control technology to large businesses that were interested in larger production volumes, new finishes and higher overall process quality. All this was possible thanks to the presence of a wide range of solutions, which has always been the SCM Group's hallmark.

The new Accord 25 FX Processing Centre

The main focus of the event was the processing centres of the  Accord range. The  Accord 30 FX ,  Accord 40 FX-M models and the  Accord WD cell have long set a new benchmark for excellence at global level. In Rimini, SCM Group previewed the brand-new  Accord 25 FX model, a 5-axis processing centre with enhanced performance in terms of maximum processable height and operator safety. This is an extremely versatile machine for the manufacturing of doors, windows, staircases and solid wood kitchens.

"The new  Accord FX range model was developed on the basis of the growing appetite for processing centres shown by artisans and small to medium enterprises," stated Gianni Franchini, Manager of the SCM Group's Housing Business Unit. "This is a model designed to deliver maximum performance with the lowest possible investment: a powerful, versatile processing centre with an extremely accelerated learning curve, thanks to software programs that are increasingly easier to use and program."

The  Accord 25 fx , boasts a high workpiece passage, a reduced footprint, greater ease of loading and uploading, high tool magazine capacity, maximum tool and working unit accessibility, coupled with utmost reliability. We have taken the best of the entire  Accord range and have concentrated it in an  easy machine, concludes Franchini.

Software Programs Create New Opportunities

Scm says the new-generation software programs enable  small and medium enterprises to work with extreme ease of programming, leveraging the capabilities of 5-axis processing centres in an ideal way. In other words, new opportunities are now easily accessible to everybody, and within short time scales.

During the  Doors and Windows Technology Days , thanks to numerous special demonstrations of door and window specific software programs, visitors were able to experience the immediacy, precision and control with which the machine can  launch new work programs to achieve finished products of impeccable quality.

All this has been made possible by the  Xilog Maestro processing centre software and its specific modules:  Maestro WD , the parametric application software to design and manufacture doors and windows; the new  Maestro 3D , developed to design and process three-dimensional surfaces;  Proview , the simulator for the real-time visualization of workpiece and machine parts, and  MSL , the interface that enables the dialogue with external management software, importing data directly into Xilog Maestro. These machines offer a full  package that makes any types of machining operation extremely  easy .


This is a segment in which the Group restated its innovation capability during these Technology Days by showcasing the new Scm Sandya 900 roller conveyor with super-finish unit, which can deliver the best smoothing performance for doors and windows. This is over and above the possibilities offered by Dmc System , a veritable finishing  centre , thanks to its multi-functional planetary unit, enables users to perform many machining operations such as finishing, smoothing, brushing and  structuring of doors and windows.

With respect to finishing, the new Superfici Mini automatic plug & spray spraying machine, which is ideal for managing small batches, aroused everybody's interest. It is a complete, integrated solution that only requires a modest investment.


"We can boast a process expertise that few can match," says Gianni Franchini. "We work with our customers on a day-to-day basis. We are always with them, because that's the way things should be, trying to find together the best solution to work a wood panel to transform it into a door or a window that is the expression of their competency, their design and their way of interpreting these products.

"During these three days, we put on the table our experience, which is the result of our vocation for the wood and door and window segment in particular, and our ability to translate our know-how about door and window manufacturing processes into technologies, software programs and products that guarantee results. These results are only possible – I would like to stress it again– because of our choice of flanking our customers in their day-to-day activities and always being close to them, as this is the only way of finding new ideas and solutions together!"

Source: Scm Group

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