Wood production supplies and echnological advances in machinery and equipment will highlight the Aug. 22-25 trade show. A sampling of products from recently issued press releases is presented here. Find more news and product infomration about the International Woodworking Show at the IWF 2012 news channel.



The Moisture Meter Co.

The Moisture Meter Co., LLC and AB Brookhuis introduce the Timber Grader MTG_TGT Module, designed for E-Rating and strength grading. The IWF 2012 Challengers Award Entry has applications for small businesses as well as large companies. The MTG can be used as a hand-held device or for high speed applications that performs as a 100 percent machine-strength grading system, says the company. Service and updates are available online. (877) 785-0274, MMC-LLC.net


NAP Gladu

The anti-chip mark tool developed by NAP Gladu eliminates unsightly chip marks on the finished wood surface of high quality mouldings, often caused by chips that are not evacuated and become trapped between the knife edge and the finish surface of the wood. NAP Gladu will be in Booth 5113 at IWF 2012. (800) 634-8665, NAPGladu.com


Italpresse USA Inc.

Italpresse introduces the professional grade Matrix 3-D Thermofoil Press. The Matrix features digital scanning of the panels and Italpresse’s “relieving bed” technology that eliminates the need for pedestal panels or manually set riser pins. Italpresse will be in Booth 5546 at IWF 2012. (941) 639-2100, Italpresse.com


Safety Speed Cut

Safety Speed’s 7400 vertical panel saws now accept SawGear and TigerStop automatic measuring systems. The user enters a dimension on a keypad and the stop device will move to the exact position for vertical cuts. Both of these optional measuring devices are available for all the 7400 Series Vertical Panel Saws built after June 1, 2012. Safety Speed Mfg. will be in Booth 6013 at IWF 201. (800)772-2327, SafetySpeed.com



The new T2006 OPT from OMGA, Inc. is an automatic high-speed cross-cut, defecting and optimizing saw system, equipped with a CNC precision programmable pusher to accurately position the board to selected lengths. The system is capable of cutting material up to 5” thick and 10” wide and has a maximum feed speed of 800 feet per minute. It is available in 13’ or 20’ useable infeed lengths, says the company and the system can cut and handle up to 3 different grades within the same cutting list. OMGA will be in Booth 5129 at IWF 2012. (800) 233-6642, OmgaInc.com


Oliver Machinery

Oliver says its new line of edgebanders fits the needs of the medium to high production shop. For thin or soft tape up to 2mm, Oliver uses a guillotine style cut for the front and rear end cuts. For thicker tape or tape over 2mm, the machine uses saw blades for end cuts. Many configurations are offered including pre-milling, corner rounding, buffing, edge scraping and grooving, the company says. Oliver Machinery will be in Booth 7035 at IWF 2012. (800) 559-5065, OliverMachinery.net



USNR introduces the Automatic Dryer Efficiency Control (ADEC) System. The ADEC System automatically controls the total volume of dryer exhaust under all operating conditions, says the company. It ensures effective control of moisture venting and the virtual elimination of tramp, unheated air. USNR says the ADEC system reduces the two most critical costs in drying veneer by decreasing energy consumption and lowering exhaust treatment expenses. (800) BUY-USNR, USNR.com


Leitz Tooling Systems Inc.

The free Leitz App from Leitz Tooling offers the complete Leitz product range via Smartphone and tablet computers. It allows users to access the Leitz-Lexicon, Edition 6, from mobile their devices. The application can be downloaded on Smartphones and tablets. An option allows for access to the Leitz YouTube channel and the app offers a virtual slide rule.Leitz Tooling will be in Booths 7534 & 7544 at IWF 2012. (616) 698-7010, LeitzTooling.com


Whiteside Machine Co.

Whiteside Machine Co. introduces its Ultimate Trim Bit, an IWF 2012 Challengers Award Entry. The trim bit offers the advantages of compression cutting technology in hand and table routing applications, says the company, and high shear angles slice through difficult cross grain easily. The trim bit is equipped with top and/or bottom bearings. Applications include flush trim and pattern routing. (800) 225-3982


Putsch & Co. USA

Putsch will display two machine models with enhancements made for the North American market and has designed a new catalog and created a subsection about its panel saws on the company website. The Putsch SVP industrial-quality saws are available in 3 primary configurations – the SVP 133 Space Saver, SVP 133 S and the standard SVP 133. Putsch & Co. will be in Booth 7522 at IWF 2012. (800) 847-8427, PutschUSA.com


Stiles Machinery Inc.

Stiles Machinery introduces The Bargstedt IntelliStore system. The IntelliStore system is completely automated and loads, retrieves, stacks and feeds the right panel stock for each job and evaluates the remaining material for reuse, says the company. Benefits include reduced inventory plus increased inventory knowledge, which allows just-in-time purchasing plus reduced storage and space. Stiles will be in booth xx at IWF 2012. (616) 798-7500, StilesMachinery.com


Bessey Tools

The BESSEY Rapid Action Clamp offers quick set-up times, parallel “no-twist” clamping, robust contact surfaces and a heavy duty rail combine to produce an offering that allows for speed and strength. Available versions include a 4.0 IN throat depth with 1320 lbs of nominal clamping force and 12, 24 & 36 IN clamping capacities anD a 6.0 IN throat depth with 1620 lbs of nominal clamping force and 12, 24 & 36 IN clamping capacities. (800) 828-1004, BesseyTools.com


Vecoplan LLC

With production capacity of 200 lbs per hour, the VPM 250 Pellet Mill from Vecoplan is designed for the small to medium commercial scale pellet firms including those with relatively small distribution areas, factories and other facilities producing pellets for their own use, start-up and pilot plants. Vecoplan Midwest will be at Booth 5734 at IWF 2012. (812) 952-9318 , VecoplanMidwest.com


EXEL North America

EXEL North America introduces the Kremlin Rexson PU3000, which incorporates the Plug and Play concept for mixing two component paints. The PU3000 delivers pulsation free performance and improved quality of mixing and application, says the company, with accurate mixing and controlled fluid delivery. EXEL North America will be in Booth1407 at IWF 2012. (800) 573-5554, KremlinRexson-Sames.com


Hoffmann Machine Co. Inc.

Hoffmann Machine Company introduces the PP2-NC Automatic Dovetail Routing and Dowel Boring Machine, a numerically controlled routing and drilling machine for the production of furniture frames for sofas, beds and recliners as well as large millwork, trim components and handrail joinery. The machine is designed to rout dovetail keyways for Hoffmann Key fasteners and drill dowel holes in one machining cycle. Hoffmann Machine Co. will be in Booth 5344 at IWF 2012. (866) 248-0100, Hoffmann-USA.com


Felder USA

Felder offers silent power cutterhead for jointers and planers, which are available on its full range of machines. Features include: 10dB noise reduction due to the spiral cutterhead design; insert carbide knives that increase tool life by up to 20x; carbide insert knives that are 4-sided for extended time between knife replacement; and shear cutting angle. Felder Group will be in Booth 6752 at IWF 2012. (866) 792-5288, FelderUSA.com


Biesse America

Biesse’s Skipper V31 is designed specifically for efficient “batch one” manufacturing and is a suitable solution for cabinet and closet manufacturers. With panels handled vertically by an automatic gripper, the need for pods and rails has been eliminated, resulting in ZERO set-up time, increased productivity and a reduction in errors and scratching, the company says. Biesse America will be in Booth 6735 & 6769 at IWF 2012. (704) 357-3131, BiesseAmerica.com


GreCon Inc.

GreCon Inc. announces the integration of multi-touch color display technology into spark detection systems. New 10” color display with multi-touch functions enables users to quickly call up information in an intuitive way. Alarm and other data can be accessed directly without complicated menus. Complete process flow sheets can be displayed. GreCon will be in Booth 5518 at IWF. (503) 641-7731, GreCon-us.com


20-20 Technologies

20-20 Technologies has developed end-to-end software solutions to integrate wood manufacturing workflow, facilitate planning and increase responsiveness from design to delivery for large and small wood products manufacturers. 20-20 Technologies will be in Booth 4735 at IWF 2012. (888) 216-1844, 2020Technologies.com

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