GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Weeke introduces the new Vantech 510 MH computer numeric controlled (CNC) router that performs vertical drilling, intricate machining, part sizing, and contour for medium to large shops that use wood, plastics, composites, non-ferrous metals and solid surfaces to produce cabinets and more.

The Vantech 510 router is available in 4 by 8 foot, 5 by 10 foot, and 5 by 12 foot table sizes. It features high-end control drive system, barcode integration, dual drive gantry design, and flexible matrix table for nested and elevated pod work. Finished parts are automatically unloaded from the machine table. It can be upgraded to a full throughfeed configuration for automated loading. The Vantech 510 router is assembled in the USA.

The Vantech 510 gives shops the flexibility to produce high-end components using a wide range of materials and thicknesses. Weeke is sold in the U.S. exclusively by Stiles Machinery.

Source: Stiles Machinery Inc.

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