"Innovation Soundstage" to Debut at IWF 2012Woodworking Network teams with IWF 2012 to roll out the red carpet as the Official IWF 2012 Show Videographer. Join us at Booth 2429, the Innovation Soundstage, for an online interview about your shop and what brought you to IWF.

Woodworking Network’s Passport to Innovation earns you a free iPad or free bucks at Hard Rock Cafe."Innovation Soundstage" to Debut at IWF 2012

Wednesday, August 22 at 3 p.m., Woodworking Network announces Wood Tech Summit 2012, October 22-23 at the University of Vancouver downtown campus.

Thursday August 23 at 3 p.m. come to the Market Leaders Forum, and Friday, August 24 at 3 p.m., join us to recognize Challengers Winners.

All during IWF, Woodworking Network personalities will be on hand, including finishing guru Bernie Bottens and custom woodworking pro Jared Patchin, to solve your toughest problems all during the show. It’s all happening at Booth 2429.

Social Media

You can follow all of the latest news and events coming straight from the showroom floor whether you are at the show or on your couch. Be sure to follow @woodworkingbiz on Twitter and use hashtag #IWF2012 to keep up with all the things IWF has to offer.

Innovation Soundstage

Come give Woodworking Network’s video crew the scoop on what you’ve seen that’s cool — on or off the show floor. Or say hi to friends. (We’ll post at WWN, Facebook & Twitter.) Questions:


Just for Fun

"Innovation Soundstage" to Debut at IWF 2012Stop by WWN’s booth for a spritz of Sawdust, the latest men’s fragrance.

Market Leaders Forum

Thursday afternoon, August 23, 3 pm, join industry leaders and WOOD 100 executives at Woodworking Network Booth 2429 for video panels on their businesses, and running commentary on the woodworking industry as a whole. Questions:


 ‘Live From’ Videos

IWF 2012 exhibitors step into the limelight in WWN Video Crew interviews at their booths. The focus of “Live From” videos is new products, showcasing new innovations, as well as companies’ existing portfolio of equipment and supplies. Questions: jkarwowski@vancepublishing.com

Passport to Innovation

"Innovation Soundstage" to Debut at IWF 2012The Passport to Innovation features sponsors of the Innovation Soundstage, “Live From” videos, and Market Leaders Forum. Download Passports or get printed copies at WWN Booth 2429. IWF attendees touring sponsor booths have their Passport to Innovation stamped. The first 25 completed passports returned to the WWN booth receive Hard Rock Cafe cards. All completed passports enter a drawing for a free iPad. Questions: ldidier@vancepublishing.com

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