RALEIGH, NC -- With the new vacuum block series VC-S, Schmalz offers an affordable and flexible alternative to the original replacement suction pads for the CNC woodworking centers from SCM/Morbidelli. With this product, the vacuum technology specialist has developed the perfect clamping solution for nearly every application in its product range. Vacuum blocks VC-S are compatible with the original suction pads and can be secured to the console just like the original model. Each Schmalz suction pad is equipped with an integrated sensing valve. Because of this, suction pads that are not currently in use may remain secured to the console or machine. This offers an advantage for applications that require frequent format changes.

The Schmalz basic system S1 serves as an alternative to the original TV system (with its narrow consoles) that is normally implemented on Morbidelli machines. Schmalz type S4 corresponds to the TVN system with its broader consoles. This type is normally found on SCM machines. If needed, the supporting plate comes equipped with a replaceable suction plate with a sensing valve. Because the dimensions of the suction plate are identical to those of the original, you can continue to use the position aid function of the machine control.

Vacuum block VC-S is available for both of the above-mentioned console systems S1 and S4 and can be purchased in four sizes from 120 x 120 mm to 130 x 30 mm and from 140 x 130 mm to 130 x 30 mm. Important for the user: the installation heights are identical to those of the machine manufacturer. This means that the user can replace individual suction pads and continue to work in mixed operation. If the suction pads wear or if they are machined by mistake, the suction plate can be replaced quickly and easily. With the original systems, on the other hand, the entire block must be replaced. This decreases the cost of spare parts, and the machines can immediately return to operation after only a short interruption.

Source: Schmalz, Inc.

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