MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO -  At IWF 2014, Schattdecor will show its "Raw Essentials" color story and give information about what the "trend drivers" are for the future of the laminate industry. These drivers will be determined when considering new surface finishes, designs and colors.

All 11 of the Decor Selection 2014 decors, in both melamine and Finish Foil, will be on display. Schattdecor says its Finish Foil has had a very positive product development.

Schattdecor also named a dedicated team - Claire Williams and Bastian Kastner - specializing in Finish Foil, for the North American market. At IWF 2014 they will present the advantages of Finish Foil in conjunction with the Decor Selection.

Schattdecor Plans Decor Selection for IWF 2014 Woodworking ShowThe German decor paper company says it launched Decor Selection 2014, as part of a new direction for global presentation of its designs.

A concern for Schattdecor - based in Thansau, Germany, with U.S. operations near St. Louis - was having too many new decors for customers to choose from. After assessing trend predictions, Schattdecor says it decided to reduce its offering to a smaller Decor Selection.

"As the pace of developing new decors and introducing new trends became a bit frantic, there was a fear of overwhelming the market," Schattdecor said in a release announcing the new Decor Selection. Schattdecor looked to being responsible for quality decors as opposed to just quantity - getting down to the “bottom line.”

Current industry trends serve as a basis for reducing to this smaller number of quality decors: Naturalness and Nature, Upcycling, Individuality, and Reducing, the latter as a direct counterpoint to the sensory overload

Schattdecor Plans Decor Selection for IWF 2014 Woodworking Show Tested first in Russia, Turkey and the United States, the initial feedback showed Schattdecor the approach will work globally.


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