KNOXVILLE, TN - A professional woodworker who knows the nature of wood and the principles of woodworking, Phillip Willis, owner of Westmoreland Cabinet Shop, first developed automated copying machines: the PMK C-1203 and C-1205 Coping and End-Matching Systems. See them at IWF 2012 Booth 7148.

PMK Machinery Details Support at IWF 2012

C-1205 End-Matching System

 • Chip-free End-Matching, Coping or Tenoning of either square or profiled parts without the need of a backup piece or chip braker.

• Two counter rotating spindles 1 ¼” Diameter, rotation at 7000 rpm’s

• 7.5 HP Motor, 3Phase 230/460 volt (wired 230 volt standard). Specify Voltage.

These machines innovate how coping and end-matching is done on an industrial level, and the PMK was an IWF 2010 Challengers Award Finalist.

In 2009, Willis sold the business to Kenneth Corbin, so that Willis could conentrate on his cabinetry operation. Willis is still a major contributor to the business; and manufactures the machines in his Westmoreland, TN plant.

"At PMK we feel that it is our responsibility to service and support the machines that we manufacture and sell," says Corbin. "We do not place this responsibility upon our dealers or independent sales reps."

Corbin cites an example of a customer in Texas who purchased a machine from PMK and did not place the machine into service for over a year. "When they tried to put it into service they had a problem," Corbin says. "After a telephone discussion with the customer, a PMK technician drove overnight to Texas (about 12 hours each way), met with the customer and corrected the problem in less than an hour."

Corbin says PMK Machinery quality controls and attention to detail mean individual users have on average less than one service call a year.

"If a customer calls us, we can answer his questions and solve the problem 99 percent of the time over the telephone, which is an immediate 'fix' for the customer. If we are unable to correct a problem with a phone call, the two customers shown above reflect how we respond to service and support for the machines that we manufacture and sell."

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