GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – The Makor Q-One is an oscillating spray machine with four automatic spray guns that performs any edge and surface application of coating material. It is ideal for shops that spray multiple types of coatings per day, small batch runs, and glue or fast-drying coatings.

The Makor Q-One features a pressurized booth enclosure with filtered air to increase transfer efficiency. It is controlled by a touch screen PLC controller that includes spraying recipes and production statistics. Its internal air flow is adjustable by means of inverters. The conveyor is a self-winding disposable paper roll that eliminates the need for a belt cleaning system or to clean to the machines in between jobs. It also has a quick change gun mounting system for fast and easy changes to accommodate different gun types and coating color.

The Makor Q-One increases productivity by giving shops the flexibility to spray in small lots or intermittently. Makor is sold in the U.S. exclusively by Stiles Machinery.

Source: Stiles Machinery Inc.

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