GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – The Kentwood G660X profile grinder is a cost-effective solution for any shop that makes tooling in-house to support moulders, planers, tenoners, and shapers. It can convert from a dedicated straight knife re-sharpener to a profile grinder within seconds without changing parts or templates.

The Kentwood G660X features a multi-stylus grinding turret that has the most popular shapes and styli sizes for fast grinding detail. It has a table-mounted diamond dresser that can shape and clean the wheel without stopping the grinder or removing covers. Its standard filtration system with baffles, micro-screens and clean-up hose makes clean-up simple.

The Kentwood G660X is suited for shops that require daily grinding on multiple machines or shifts. It adds flexibility, quality control, and cost savings compared to outsourcing grinding requirements. Kentwood is sold in the U.S. exclusively by Stiles Machinery.

Source: Stiles Machinery Inc.

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