ANDERSON, SC -- DELTA Power Equipment Corp., a designer and manufacturer of stationary and benchtop woodworking machinery and equipment, is introducing a new 3-Speed Ambient Air Cleaner, Model 50-871.

The 50-871 has the highest airflow for an air cleaner in its class and features 3-speeds -- 540, 730, and 1200 CFM. The inner filter captures all particles larger than 1 Micron ensuring clean air output, and it features a digital readout that monitors and alerts the user when the filter needs to be changed, ensuring optimal air cleaner performance.

On its highest setting, the unit recycles all the air in a 20’ x 20’ x 8’ room up to 22 times per hour. It has remote control operation, offering convenience for on/off, speed adjustment and timer programming when mounted on the ceiling or in a hard-to-reach area. The timer can be set from 1/2 hour to 15 hours allowing the user to set the unit with confidence that, while they are away, the unit will clean the air in the shop and then turn itself off.

The unit has a 1/5 HP, 60 Hz, 120V, 1 phase motor, and comes with 4 eye bolts and flange nuts for ceiling suspension, 4 rubber feet, 6 foot cord, 1 outer pleated filter, 1 inner filter and remote control (requires 2 AAA batteries, not included). Available accessories include a two-pack of pleated filters, the inner filter and an electrostatic filter.

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Source: Delta Power Equipment Corp.

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