ATLANTA - Crowds rebound for IWF 2014, with heavy traffic from woodworkers at  businesses large and small, drawn by the thousands to see new technology applied to machinery and controls, built into hardware, and reflected in new panel surfaces and textures.

Exhibitor Jamison Scott,  executive VP of Air Handling Systems, in Woodbridge, CT and president of the Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America, told members at a breakfast this monring that attendance at the show is trending 15% ahead of the 2012 edition of the show,  and the exhibitor count is 13% ahead of last time - with more than 975 exhibitors.

The International Woodworking Fair's opening day Wednesday began with the announcement of the seven winners of the IWF 2014 Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award: Aiken Development, Castle Inc., Graco, Thermwood Corp., Timesavers and Weinig/Holz-Her, which won two awards.

Technology had a lock on the awards: all six winners were machinery or tools. Winning entry Timesavers' Yieldsaver-24, a double-sided planer that surfaces the top and bottom sides of rough lumber in one pass, produces high yield with its automatic centering infeeds.

Another winner, Castle's CS1.5 Pocket Screw machine, drills pocket holes and inserts screws from a continuous feed. The approach is faster than conventional joinery. In time trials, a Mission end table was joined in 90 seconds with the Castle pocket screw approach; more than twice as long conventionally. 

The routed pocket leaves a clean slot without tear out typical of drilled pockets.

CSI-1.5 provides faster production time by eliminating screw handling at assembly. Screws are fed continuously to the CSI-1.5.

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