The 20 Challengers Award finalists for 2014 have been named by the International Woodworking Fair. Winners will be announced on August 20 at the IWF 2014 trade show in Atlanta.

 IWF 2014 Challengers Award Finalists NamedWoodworking Network is publishing a digital magazine June 20 profiling nominees and entries.  The purpose of the Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award is to encourage and promote the development of innovative new technology in the field of woodworking machinery, supplies, and services for the furniture, kitchen cabinets, architectural woodwork, store fixture, upholstery, or specialty and general wood product industries.

A panel of 8 distinguished judges, all industry professionals representing a broad cross-section of the industry, review and analyze each entry. The finalist judging will take place the day before IWF 2014 opens. On that Tuesday, August 19, the finalists perform live demonstrations for the panel of judges, who then make their final decisions on the most innovative product developments.

The 2014 Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award culminates with a presentation held on the show floor on August 20, opening day of IWF 2014, during which the winners are announced and presented with the now familiar distinctive bronze sculpture.

Following the 61 entries from this year's competition, 33 semi-finalists were named in May. From this list the judges have selected these 20 finalists from this year's competition.

IWF 2014 Challengers Award Finalists, listed alphabetically:

Aiken Development LLC


Ndepth 3D Sensor
Booth# 4661

Castle, Inc.

Pocket Cutter/Screw Inserter
Booth# 7713

Colonial Saw Company

Lamello Tenso Self
Clamping Glue Aid

Booth# 5523

Earth Anatomy

Earth Anatomy
Thin Stone Veneer

Booth# 5038

Friulmac, Inc

Randomax End Matcher
Booth# 6729

Graco, Inc.

ProMix PD2K
Booth# 2029

Leitz Tooling Systems LP

Leitz DFC Dust
Extraction Hoods

Booth# 5553

MARTIN Woodworking Machines

HEBROCK Airtronic
Booth# 6569

Next Wave Automation

Booth# 7884

SD Machinery

Booth# 4575

Stiles Machinery

Holzma dustEX
Booth# 5053 & 5135

Stiles Machinery

airTec by Homag Group
Booth# 5053 & 5135

Stiles Machinery

Kentwood Random Scraping Machine for Flooring Industry
Booth# 5053 & 5135

Stiles Machinery

Homag Group PowerTouch Control
Booth# 5053 & 5135

Stiles Machinery

Microtec Scanner
Booth# 5053 & 5135

Thermwood Corporation

Cut Center
Booth# 5513

Timesavers, Inc.

Automatic Opposed Self
Centering Knife Planer
Booth# 6426

Weinig/Holz-Her US

Surface Structuring
Booth# 5952 & 5953

Weinig/Holz-Her US

Evolution Vertical Machining Center
Booth# 5952 & 5953

Weinig/Holz-Her US

Booth# 5952 & 5953

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