GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Bürkle RCF and UV 1300/2 Roll Coater with UV Oven achieves full fill finish for small shops and large manufacturers that produce flat surface veneer and solid wood parts with natural finishes. It is ideal for wood workers using deep porous substrates such as oak, ash, beech or alder.

The Bürkle RCF and UV 1300/2 Roll Coater with UV Oven can be used either as a standard roller coater or as a light filler applying machine. It is built with a stable cast iron frame that absorbs vibration. Its heavy duty construction results in considerable head weight and natural down pressure for improved application performance. It features a coating recirculation system with a Teflon coating that improves its life and makes it easy to clean up. The UV oven’s heat resistant conveyor belt is ideal for small part transport. The oven’s UV power can be controlled with variable power control.

The Bürkle RCF and UV 1300/2 Roll Coater adds flexibility and improves the application process for flat panel coating. Bürkle machines are sold in the U.S. exclusively by Stiles Machinery.

Source: Stiles Machinery Inc.

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