OMAHA, NE - Archon Woodworks launched a new brand of metal veneer products and services, called Rave Element, at the 2014 International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta last week.

Archon says the coating process involves application of pure metal finishes to a broad category of products, "is a strategic extension of the finishing capabilities" for Archon Woodworks (the former Hoffco, Inc.) and Make It Metal, based in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. 

Archon Woodworks also broadened its product line under the Valley Oak Cabinet Doors brand. The expansion includes two additions - PAINT and Ready Primed - to its existing hardwood product line.

Archon says the Rave Element process of metal veneering is similar to a paint finish, and is applied most commonly by sprayer, but can be brushed on or poured for cold metal casting. 

Archon Woodworks Launches Metal Veneer Line at IWF 2014Rave Element can be applied to solid wood, MDF, plaster, concrete, fiberglass and plastic, among other substrates. The prepared surface is primed, cured, and the surface prepared to accept the metal coating.

At this point the metal is mixed in exact proportions of metal, binder, carrier and catalyst. Once mixed it must be quickly applied as the chemical hardening process has been triggered.

Because the live metal coating process finish results in 90% – 97% pure metal, the veneer finish takes on colors and properties like genuine metal, and may continue to age and patina over time, says Archon. Typical applications include accent pieces such as range hoods, tables and counter tops, accents, and doors.

Archon Woodworks Launches Metal Veneer Line at IWF 2014The new Valley Oak Cabinet Door offerings - PAINT and Primed -  were also shown at IWF. PAINT products are finished with an array of pigmented conversion varnishes that are oven cured, ensuring a long lasting, durable finish.

“Our customers have asked that we add paint to our existing finishing capabilities, complementing our traditional stain and glazing,” said Will Philbin, Valley Oak sales manager. “It is now available for virtually everything in our Valley Oak brand catalog.”

Valley Oak Ready Primed is a new service that delivers hardwood cabinet doors and accessories already primed and ready for a final scuff sand and topcoat finish.

“Ready Primed answers a real need for wood cabinet contractors, reducing sanding costs up to 75%,” says John Fruhwirth, president of Archon Woodworks, Inc.“it was designed to bring them significant savings on lead time and labor, . We continue to innovate and invest to improve not only our business, but our customer’s business as well.”

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