Functional hardware is even more capable, with kinetic and motorized storage applications - and decorative, with artful plug-and-play LED and decorative drawer-slide systems. See it all at the 2015 Cabinets & Closets Expo show, April 15-16, Schaumburg Renaissance Convention Center near Chicago.

Richelieu's Brillanté Collection is made of sturdy fiberboard (MDF) that shines with up to 90 percent high gloss for a sleek, contemporary look. Both sides of the MDF core are covered with decorative paper and laminated. The outer side of the panel shines with a high gloss finish while the interior side is covered in a rich matte surface.Register for CCCE Now!

Richelieu's Cavare pull-out shelf system transforms cabinets and shelves into neatly arranged storage areas, creating multiple levels and sections for organizing a variety of items. Cavare is a solution for kitchens, living rooms, closets and home offices, bringing order to any cabinet or shelf unit. Cavare pull-out shelves are made of metal and available in three widths to fit a variety of cabinets and closets.

Richelieu Nature Plus turns chipboard panels into the timeless textures of worn cedar wood. Advanced technology paired with a natural aesthetic has produced a line of organic shapes, rich textures and some very durable panels. Nature Plus looks just like real wood, but its thermo-structured surface makes it tougher and more robust than any natural wood. Real cedar comes in only one color and style. Nature Plus features five entire collections — Sherwood, Yosemite, Sculptura, Azimut and Matrix – with 14 colors in all. In addition, matching edgebanding is available.

Glideware has introduced its latest version of slide out storage racks, suitable for closet or kitchen storage, with soft-close Blum hardware. With the gaining popularity of the outdoor kitchen comes the demand for grilling tool and accessory storage.

So Glideware introduced the world's first outdoor kitchen cabinet organizer. Glide has also adapted this approach to closet organizers (shown here.)

Glideware has introduced its latest version of slide out storage racks, suitable for closet or kitchen storage, with soft-closet Blum hardware. - See more at:
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