Mark Bernhard, president of Bernhard Woodwork Ltd., Northbrook, IL, will participate in an April 14 panel discussion during the Custom Cabinets Conference at Cabinets & Closets 2015, April 14-16 in Schaumburg, IL near Chicago.

Bernhard Woodwork Ltd., celebrating its 50th year in business, serves three primary markets, manufacturing custom wood environments for corporate, retail and residential markets. Examples include Neiman Marcus, Macy’s flagship stores in San Francisco, Chicago, and NYC, major law firms, cultural institutions, and corporate headquarters, as well as high end private luxury residences that have ranged up to 70,000 square feet. Signature projects draw on the company's breadth of technical and manufacturing skills in fabrication, finishing and veneer laminating. Bernhard Woodwork is an active member company of Register for Woodworkthe Architectural Woodwork Institute, the Association for Retail Environments, and the Builders Association of Chicago.

Mark Bernhard marks his 25th year with Bernhard Woodwork, which he joined in 1991.

The panel discussion, "Working with Architects and Designers" will be moderated by Joe Knobbe, Senior Project Manager at Exclusive Woodworking, Inc. The discussion will focus on the unique client and project requirements involved in working with architecture and design firms, and how the more formal expectations differ from working with construction or remodeling projects that are managed in a more informal manner directly by private individuals or homeowners.

Maintaining the integrity of an architectural concept while transforming it into an actual space requires many skills and disciplines. When a design calls for the crafting of woods, the matching of veneers and fitting of joints or the expertise in finishes, lacquers, enamels and oils, is when architects, designers and planners entrust their projects to Bernhard Woodwork, Ltd.

Here is how Bernhard Woodwork Ltd. describes its approach to projects as a mix of high end craftsmanship set in a sophisticated manufacturing operation:

At Bernhard, architectural woodwork goes far beyond "manufacturing." Rather, it's a time-honored craft, practiced by craftsmen, with its roots in Europe. In 1965, Bernhard Woodwork, Ltd. Transplanted the tradition of European cabinetmaking to Chicago. Since then, that tradition has been preserved and enhanced by our people.

At Bernhard, we selectively recruit employees who love woodwork, take pride in a quality finished product and train them in a European style apprenticeship program. The resulting "esprit de corps" is reflected in the longevity of our workforce. On average, employees have been with us for 12 years - many for decades longer. When it comes to the highest levels of craftsmanship, there is simply no substitute for experience.

While we're family rooted in tradition, we're hardly fixed on the past. Over the years, we have embraced a variety of high technologies to deliver ever higher quality to our customers, faster than ever. That's why many of the country's foremost architects, designers and planners entrust their projects to us. We would be pleased to give form and substance to your ideas as well.

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