The KOMO Fusion XL CNC Router is just one member of our full line of CNC routers. The standard traveling table/stationary gantry configuration includes an 18hp fan-cooled spindle with 15-station tool changer and precision-machined composite grid vacuum table available in 5' x 10', 5' x 12' or 5' x 24' sizes. As part of our continuing R & D efforts, KOMO is now using the latest Fanuc 0i-MD control, which includes enhanced servo loop software. In addition, we continue to use Fanuc's top-of the-line HVI servo motors. The control, the software and the servos, combined with KOMO's well known expertise in high speed servo tuning, along with the rigidity and high quality components used throughout all of our product lines, have enabled us to achieve a 15% increase in acceleration and deceleration rates. The acc/dec rate of the KOMO Fusion XL CNC Router is now 200 IN/SEC².

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