HSD's ES951 e-CORE in an “intelligent” electro-spindle. “Smart” control system ES951 e-CORE in an “intelligent” electro-spindle as it has the capability to collect, compute and memorize information relevant to its state and send them to the machine CNC. Real time electro spindle rotation speed - Working hours, data monitoring and recording at different rotation speeds - Digital sensor calibration - Cooling fan rotation control - Continuous Motor temperature monitoring - Bearing temperature monitoring. FIELDBUS connection Machine wiring and cabling becomes easier and cheaper; machine integration is more efficient. Furthermore working data and diagnostic are available in real time. Electro-spindle set-up is available also as a remote set-up. HSD Double-Power It delivers more power in the same size by using HSD technology in the design and construction of the Rotor and Stator. This state-of-the-art solution increases the motor efficiency by reducing electromagnetic leakage. Modular construction Designed to ensure easy and user-friendly maintenance: the complex and delicate service operation like “electro-spindle shaft assembly kit” replacement and sensor set-up are carried out in a few minutes.

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