The E·Z Pro Crown King (880) from General Tools & Instruments (General®) makes accurately cutting crown molding a snap, eliminating trial and error and saving time and money. Whether dressing up adjoining ceilings and walls, adding decorative elements to cabinetry and furniture, or enhancing door and window hoods, crown molding lends artistic flair to many designs and now can be accomplished easily and cheaply. Unlike other crown molding jigs on the market, the Crown King requires no assembly and is designed for the ultimate ease of use. Right out of the box, it enables professional and DIY woodworkers to produce interior and exterior corner joints with the three most common crown molding spring angles (38, 45 and 52 degrees). The Crown King comprises two pieces: the jig itself and a versatile and re-configurable insert/adapter. Without the insert, the jig is positioned for cutting 45-degree spring angle moldings. The insert quickly re-configures the jig to accommodate 38- or 52-degree spring angles.

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