East Lothian, Scotland - The students of the intensive furniture making and restoration course at the Chippendale International School of Furniture are celebrating graduation with their annual Student Exhibition and furniture sale, starting tonight, Monday, June 9, and ending Tuesday, June 10.

The free Student Exhibition runs from 6 - 8 p.m. and will showcase pieces of contemporary furniture created by the students. Anselm Fraser, founder and principal of the Chippendale School, will be lecturing at the event.

“All students need is a love of wood,” says Fraser.  “We always look forward to showing off all the students’ wonderful pieces of furniture at the exhibition.”

Their graduation celebrates the completion of 1,400 hours of hands-on bench work--a year-long course which equips many students with the skills to set up their own woodworking and furniture making businesses. 

“The Chippendale School is a very interesting learning environment," says Charlie Clark, current student and retired doctor. "It has much in common with the process of building knowledge, skills and experience that I was familiar with as a doctor. You learn from the masters, you learn from those who know a bit more than yourself and you learn from the other students. There’s a minimum of formal teaching, some exercises, but mainly the learning is built around the practical experience of conceiving, designing and making pieces of furniture."

Strawberries and wine will also be served. View the official press release for more details.

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