Zapkut Ltd., a manufacturer of vertical panel saws, announced that it recently was granted patent protection for its ZK8 and ZK10 portable vertical cutting platforms for woodworkers and signmakers.

Keith Bunker, managing director of Zapkut, said, "I've been selling vertical panel saws for over twenty years and repeatedly I've been asked for a lightweight, portable, accurate cutting platform. That's what the Zapkut ZK range delivers. We knew it would be unique from the moment we began designing it, so we're delighted to have that officially confirmed by the awarding of this patent."

Twelve years in development, the Zapkut ZK8 and ZK10, can be hung on a wall for storage and transported in a small van or even a family estate car.

ZK units are constructed using pultrusion technology, resulting in a frame that Zapkut said is lighter and stronger than an equivalent aluminium structure.

Zapkut will exhibit its vertical panel saws at the International Woodworking Fair, Aug. 25-28, in Atlanta, GA.

Read Zapkut's press release.

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