WoodLINKS USA website relaunchedEVANSVILLE, WI

- WoodLINKS USA relaunched its website, woodlinksusa.org. The site went live during the July AWFS Fair woodworking show. It provides a listing of all the schools currently registered in WoodLINKS USA's program, which offers a complete educational support organization for the wood industry in the United States at the high school and post-secondary school levels.

Currently in use by over 90 school systems, WoodLINKS USA helps over 10,000 students a year come to understand the personally and financially rewarding careers available to them in the wood industry. WoodLINKS USA and its group of volunteers, teachers, and students are re-igniting a passion for woodworking careers, all across the country.

The site tells students about career opportunities; offers complete registration information for schools that would like to implement the WoodLINKS curriculum; and provides avenues for involvement with WoodLINKS by wood manufacturing businesses.

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