Wood 'UP' home built full-scale by Bangerter HomesHERRIMAN, UT

- Bangerter Homes, known for custom in-house designs and craftsmanship, says it has just built an authentic replica of the famous Disney – Pixar “UP” house in Herriman, UT.

The 2,800 square foot home, which will retail for $399,000, is to be featured in the 65th annual Salt Lake City Parade of Homes run by the Salt Lake Home Builders Association, which claims to be the longest consecutive running Parade of Homes in the United States.

The Parade will run from July 29 – August 14, including Sundays and will feature two different home categories.

Bangerter completed the wood interiors true to the color palette used in the popular cartoon.

UP House by Bangerter Homes

The fourth generation builders, Garret and son Brandon Bangerter, have been building homes in the St. George, UT area for 16 years. Wood 'UP' home built full-scale by Bangerter Homes

Bangerter began the project in February. The details include natural finished flooring and vintage 1950s appliances, with wood cabinetry painted to match the distinctive UP movie coloration. Disney agreed to the project, with the stipulation that Bangerter would have to surrender plans to the studio upon completion of the project.

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