WASHINGTON, DC  -- The Window and Door Dealer Alliance (WDDA) has launched a campaign lobbying against proposed amendments to the Environmental Protection Agency's controversial Lead, Renovation, Repair and Painting (LRRP) rule.

In a press release dated June 28, the WDDA voiced cocernt about the proposed lead clearance testing and third-party validation amedment to the LRRP. The association said these provisions "could drive a proverbial nail in the industry's coffin."

“The idea that EPA would follow so closely behind one onerous new regulation with even more stringent and costly requirements is incomprehensible to most window and door dealers,” said David Walker, vice president of the WDDA. “It’s analogous to raising federal fuel economy standards on automakers by five miles per gallon one month, then boosting it to 10 miles per gallon two months later. We haven’t even had a chance to adapt to the first rule yet, and they’re already socking us with another.”

The EPA announced last week that it was delaying enforcement of the LRRP until September in an effort to give professional remodeling contractors additional time to take the required training program to be certified.

WDDA said a comprehensive survey of its membership indicates that three out of four repondents reported losing business since the Environmental Protection Agency's Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (LRRP) rule took effect on April 22. In addtion, the survey, conducted earlier this month, also found that 80% of respondents experienced an increase in hard and/or soft costs because of the LRRP rule.
On Tuesday, June 29, the WDDA hand-delivered its formal comments - supported by roughly 200 letters from individual dealers representing nearly every state - in opposition to the EPA’s proposed Clearance Testing Requirements for the LRRP Program. The submission will include the WDDA’s Statement of Principles which details the organization’s concerns with the proposed requirements and was endorsed by more than 70% of survey respondents.

“Our industry is steadfastly opposed to this over-reaching and unduly accelerated proposal,” Walker added.  “Should the clearance testing requirements become law, there is no doubt it will stifle work for our dealers, leading to widespread job cuts and further restraining our economic rebound.”

Read the Wood and Door Dealer Alliance's press release.

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