Weinig Group Acquires LuxScan Technologies
August 15, 2011 | 2:39 am UTC

LAS VEGAS, NV - Weinig Group announced the strategic acquisition of scanner manufacturer LuxScan Technologies at a press conference held during the AWFS Vegas Fair in July. Weinig now owns 84% of LuxScan.

"Our vision for the acquisition is an integration of the scanning, defect detection and optimization in any ripping and crosscutting saw. We also want to be able to utilize the strength of automated defect detection in other solid wood processing options," said Rainer Hundsdörfer, Michael Weinig AG president and CEO in announcing the acquisition.

"We know that the market for products in the wood optimization sector is large and that the technology required for it continues to offer great potential for innovation. With LuxScan, we are integrating a company into the Weinig Group that leads the way in terms of quality and scanning consistency and is therefore the best possible addition for us," added Karl Wachter, Weinig CFO, in a statement to the press.

LuxScan currently has more than 100 scanners installed in plants worldwide, including more than 40 scanners which are being utilized in North American locations. "Now that LuxScan belongs to the Weinig Group, we will have [greater] access to markets worldwide. LuxScan will be the only scanner manufacturer worldwide benefiting from such marketing potential and competent service,” said Raphaël Vogrig, LuxScan president.

Headquartered in Luxemburg, LuxScan said it will retain its U.S. office in Troutman, NC, for the present time. Weinig, which is headquartered in Germany, maintains a sales and support office in Mooresville, NC. For more information, contact Weinig Group at (704) 799-0100 or LuxScan at (704) 528-7313.

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