MOORESVILLE, NC - The management team of Michael Weinig Inc. announced today that the company will not exhibit at the International Woodworking Machinery & Furniture Supply Fair in August.

Peter Lohmeyer, vice president of sales for Weinig, said, “Weinig has enjoyed a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with IWF for many years and we continue to wish the exhibitors a successful event. But we see every day the impact that the economy has on our market. Our woodworking industry customers need and deserve all the support we can provide during the recovery from this unprecedented economic recession.

“By redirecting the resources typically allocated to a show event of this magnitude, we will offer beneficial and timely support in helping our customers find solutions to their production challenges,” Lohmeyer added. “We want to ensure our customers’ long-term survival by assisting them in finding ways to thrive, even in today’s economy.”

Weinig is one of 10 companies participating in the NexGen Event, that will conduct concurrent open houses throughout North Carolina during the week of Feb. 8-12. Weinig also plans to host its annual technology expo and open house in Mooresville in Spring 2010.

Weinig also opted not to exhibit at the AWFS Vegas Fair last July.


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