HOLYOKE, MA – Ruwac announced the launch of its redesigned Web site featuring explosion-proof vacuums and information on combustible dust, ExplosionProofVacuums.com.
The Web site provides information for facility maintenance professionals on the dangers of combustible dust, how to mitigate the hazard and how Ruwac can assist in the process.

According to Ruwac, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires that industries manufacturing products that produce a combustible dust institute housekeeping procedures that include vacuuming dust 1/32 of an inch (approximately the thickness of a paperclip) and greater with explosion-proof vacuums – not a typical shop vacuum.

Eric Potorski, sales director for Ruwac said, “I still talk with manufacturers that think it is OK to vacuum combustible dust with a $20 shop vac. They are putting the lives of their employees at stake and increase the likelihood of an OSHA fine. We hope that our new Web site will provide manufacturers with added insight into this serious liability. I ask that visitors check back often as we continue to update the site and add new media.”

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