STOCKTON, CA — ArriveNEWS, organizer and founder of the online virtual expo known as the International Industrial Trade Show (IITS), a marketplace for the manufacturing community, on March 10 introduced its new directory of woodworking equipment focusing primarily on US-based manufacturers and dealers of such products, according to PR-Inside. The company, a division of Industrial Leaders, said the publication serves as a woodworking products buying guide for domestic and international manufacturers of wooden items.

According to, the site includes editor approved offerings for a wide range of boring machines, jointers, routers (CNC, two head and single), dowel equipment, bandsaws, groovers, carving tools, wood glue, sanders, moulders, planers, clamping devices, sawmills and other woodworking tools and equipment. Used, refurbished and brand new equipment are featured on the site, as well as online videos and catalogs from suppliers detailing different tools and machines in action.

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