Walnut wood space table wins NASA Etsy contest
August 15, 2011 | 11:09 pm CDT
Walnut wood space table wins NASA Etsy contestWASHINGTON --

Walnut veneer and solid walnut, finished with water based stain and linseed oil, this circular table won Grand Prize in the NASA space designs contest, co-sponsored with Etsy, the online crafts market. Circular brass inlasy represent the stars in the night sky on the evening of the first moon landing; identifying the North Star opens a hidden drawer.

The 26-inch high, 17-inch diameter table "was inspired by my grandfather who worked for Grumman," says woodworker Colleen Whiteley who with Eric Whiteley jointly created the piece. The item is for sale on
Etsy, which features thousands of wood crafts and furnishings among its online sales offerings.

The inlay on the top of the table represents the stars' alignment on the night of the first moon landing. Grumman built the Apollo Lunar Module,  the lander portion of the Apollo spacecraft built for NASA's first mission to the moon.

"I grew up listening to my grandfather tell stories of working on this amazing project, the super high tech Walnut wood space table wins NASA Etsy contestmaterials and the excitement of helping put the first people on the moon," says Whiteley. "To most in 1969 this mission must have seemed impossible and riddled with danger, but my grandfather said there wasn't a doubt in the minds of his crew that the lunar module would make it to the surface of the moon and back safely. They had expertly crafted and inspected every inch."

Intended to build awareness of NASA among women (the majority if Etsy's millions of crafters are women), the competition drew more than 600 entries.

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