HANOI -- Vietnam wood product manufacturers have not experienced any non-compliance issues with the amended Lacey Act since it took effect May 1, according to the Vietnam News Agency.

The VNA quoted a spokesman for the Vietnam Timber and Forest Products Association as saying that even though some manufacturers have struggled obtaining the required certificates of origin required under the Lacey Act, that no products have been denied entry to the United States.

The news agency added that for the first five months of 2010, revenue from timber exports was estimated at $1.4 billion, up 35 percent from the same period last year due to a growing demand in traditional markets, especially the United States, Japan and China.

Vietnam is the second largest source of U.S. wood furniture imports after China.

The spokesman also said that Vietnam needs to focus on improving its forest sustainability and tree planting programs to meet growth projections for the nation's wood products industry. The goal is $7 billion by 2020.

Read the Vietnam News Agency's report.

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