Valspar offers 'PEEK' at wood finishing trendsHIGH POINT, NC --

Valspar Wood Products , introduced its PEEK 2011: Style Guide designed to help custom woodworkers and woodworking enthusiasts get in tune with trends in wood finishings, plus ideas and instruction to achieve the most contemporary finishes.

“In wood, finish is the distinguishing touch that makes the style statement on the best furniture, cabinetry and woodcraft pieces," said Edwin Messer, director of Global Wood Business Development at Valspar and head of the Valspar Global Color and Design Studio. “It is finish that creates the apirational element to a finished wooded piece. Whether it’s furniture, kitchen cabinets, windows, doors or mouldings, the coatings that are used and how they are innovatively applied with a master craftsman’s touch can increase the perceived value of a piece and differentiate upper-end products from lower-end options.”

To get a glimpse of styles that are trending, “PEEK 2011: Style Guide” features four core models:
• “At Home” demonstrates a livable way of decorating that is easy, comfortable and cozy, authentic and real. There’s lots of wood—mixed in tone and texture— and calming colors on walls and fabrics. Hints of trend can be found in the use of a metallic table or interesting cabinet knobs.
• “Timeless” starts with rich, deep colors, heavenly fabrics, curvy shapes, and a focus on beautiful finishes. Telltale signs of sophistication are the use of vintage accents of silver or china—candlesticks, decanters, vases. Rooms feature pieces that are collectibles and keepsakes.
• “Trends” showcases a liberating way to live when you design around emerging trends. Mixing and matching modern with vintage, darks with lights, finished pieces with raw elements is signature to the style. This is where old meets new and everything in between.
• A modern Mecca of glossy and glam is what distinguishes the style, “Minimalist.” Here, less is more. Clean lines dominate. This minimalist look can seem simple at first, but when accented with bold accessories and vibrant color, it quickly gains pizzazz. Sleekly sophisticated, cool and arty, there’s an upscale art-museum quality about this style.

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