BETHESDA, MD -- Technology advances and new applications were spotlighted at RadTech 2010, the biennial conference and exhibition for the advancement of ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) technologies. 

Industry data presented at the event pointed to energy, competiveness and environmental concerns as prime drivers in the widely predicted continued growth of UV and EB technologies.  

"While it was very positive to see a large number of new end users attending the conference, it was equally good to see the increased level of advancement in the types of work that many companies brought to the conference," said Mike Idacavage, of Cytec, and RadTech president.  "More difficult processes are being tackled by UV and EB technology along with increasingly more sophisticated solutions. It is rewarding to see so many people turn to UV and EB as potential solutions for the difficult challenges and opportunities that are waiting to be solved."

The three-day event held last month in Baltimore included more than 100 presentations including photovoltaics, nanotechnologies, environmentally responsible chrome replacement, aerospace and defense, printing and packaging, wood and industrial applications.  Special keynote presentations were offered by Robert Tapella, head of the U.S. Government Printing office; and Patricia Yulkowski, CEO of Total Door.  
Read RadTech International's press release.

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