CLEVELAND, OH – According to “Nanotechnology in Construction,” a new study by The Freedonia Group, Inc., the market for nanomaterials in construction is expected to grow from less than $20 million in 2006 to $100 million by 2011 and $1.75 billion by 2025.

Coatings utilizing transparency, UV-blocking, scratch-resistance, photoreactivity, and stain and odor resistance are expected to constitute the largest application field for nanomaterials. Other promising application markets include adhesives with conductive properties, increased strength and/or antimicrobal features, and composites with oxides and clay reinforcements for use in insulation, roofing materials, vinyl siding and flooring. 

The report also expects that metal oxides will be widely used in architectural paints, functional coatings and adhesives, and as reinforcements for high-performance concrete and plastic composites.

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