-- UWP Corp. said it will soon open a North Carolina mill and kiln to produce thermally treated wood using the ThermoWood process for interior and exterior applications.

UWP  now offers Diamond Decking, a thermally treated beech, backed by a 75-year warranty in exterior applications when properly coated.

CEO Alex Chernopiskiy said UWP, which imports the beech decking from a Ukraine mill, can supply other thermally treated hardwood species for interior moulding and flooring.

Chernopiskiy said UWP’s ThermoWood treatment is done over several days, longer than some thermal mills. As wood material is heated to at least 180 C, it is protected with steam. Its color darkens as it becomes more stable than normal wood, especially for conditions of changing humidity, and its thermal insulation properties are improved. If carried out at a sufficiently high temperature, treatment makes the wood extremely resistant to decay, Chernopiskiy said.

Contact UWP at (704) 507-7061.

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