Kirby Allison, owner of Hanger Project LLC, reports success getting consumers to spend as much as $75 on high-end maple wood hangers using Campaigner, an online e-mail marketing utility.

Allison says all his hangers are made from U.S.-grown maple purchased directly from Weyerhaeuser, which harvests the wood and maintains custody under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Wood is shipped to Hanger Project's own manufacturing facilities.

Hanger Project hangers have design and construction features that distinguish them from conventional hangers. Men's suit hangers, for instance, are made with an embedded washer that keeps the metal hook from unscrewing or stripping from the wood; contoured profiles of the hanger follow the shoulder profiles of suits, flaring out to up to 2.5 inches wide to maintain the jacket's shape while it hangs. Hangers are stained to a bubinga wood color. The trouser bar is lined with felt to keep  pants from slipping off.

Marketing the hangers, hanger Project uses the software-as-a-service Campaigner application, which relies on cloud computing, where information is stored on banks of computers networked together, off premise. Campaigner manages customer relationship marketing and e-mail promotion. Campaigner is a unit of Protus,  which sells MyFax. Protus is a wholly-owned subsidiary of global communications company j2 Global Communications, Inc.

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