EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND -- Here is another reminder that subsidizing woody biomass for fuel to create energy is not only a concern of the North American composite wood industry.

Scotsman.com of Scotland recently published an article, "Scots' jobs 'at risk' as fear grows over biomass plants' appetite for wood."

According to Scotsman.com, "Thousands of jobs in Scotland are in jeopardy because of the spiralling development of large-scale wood fired energy plants, new research has warned."
The article noted that wo reports commissioned by the Wood Panel Industries Federation have identified 8,700 UK jobs under threat due to the proliferation of biomass plants. WPIF said panel makers are being "priced out of the market, priced out of the market due to government subsidies for biomass." Furhtermore, the WPIF is quoted as saying prices of wood materials used particleboard and MDF have risen 30 percent over the past four years.

Read Scotsman.com's article.

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