Supa Doors, Inc. automates tooling managementUNIVERSAL CITY, TX

- Supa Doors, Inc., a  manufacturer of quality medium density fiberboard (MDF) doors used in
residential and commercial developments, says it has upgraded and automated its woodworking tooling management process. Supa Doors implemented Intooligence, a computerized, automated wood cutting machinery tooling inventory and machine maintenance system.

Supa Doors installed Intooligence's Checkpoint, building a new tool room as part of the implementation; Intooligence staff assistied in the design and makeup of the Supa Doors tool room.

Supa Doors says the tool room organization regimen sees each tool placed on a specific shelf, with the location identified using a coordinate-based system. These coordinates are recorded in Intooligence so the tool-room manager can  quickly locate needed tooling. Search capabilities within Intooligence allow Supa Doors staff to list all tooling that requires service, is damaged, or is approaching the end of it’s life and will require service.

Supa Doors, Inc. automates tooling managementSupa Doors began wood manufacturing  in 1991 using a unique patented approach  for its stile and rail doors that  laminates individual pieces simultaneously. This creates a continuous lamination, says Supa Doors, with no weak joints where stiles and rails meet. Supa Doors ships across the U.S. and internationally.

Supa Doors says its MDF is a minimum of 86% recycled wood fiber (a PDF describes it), and can be manufactured with no added urea formaldehyde (NAUF) material as well as FSC-certified material. The Composite Panel Association lists Supa Doors as a licensed facility of its Environmentally Preferable Product Downstream Program.

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