STILES EBC: Online registration is open for the Stiles Executive Briefing Conference (EBC) April 10-12, at the 3M Innovation Center, St. Paul, MN. Manufacturing visionary John Brandt of MPI Group delivers the keynote on preparing for “Next Generation Manufacturing” based on extensive research by his firm. Economist Alan Beaulieu will be the closing speaker.

3M presents an interactive session at its 30,000 square foot Customer Abrasive Methods center, where 3M engineers solve surface modification challenges for clients. It houses over 80 grinding and finishing machines and portable tools. 3M will provide hands-on demonstrations and also present a session on innovations in abrasive materials and sanding technology.

Arthur Campbell, president of Eastern Millwork Inc., Jersey City, NJ, will be interviewed a on how his firm leveraged procedure, machinery and information management to produce and track complex items on a batch size of one for large scale projects. An in-depth video of operations will be shown on the firm’s and information management systems for tracking and producing complex items on a batch size of one for large scale projects, including an explanation of 3D modeling. Register for the EBC

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