Alder – Demand increased in both export and domestic distribution markets, with prices rising as supplies thinned out.

Ash – Reduced Ash log harvests and lumber production further frustrated salesmen who have already been losing sales due to shortages.

Cherry – 4/4 FAS/1F remains a source of grief for most sellers. Supply and demand for 4/4 #1 Common were generally balanced.

Hard Maple – While sales haven’t been great, tightening supplies were beginning to force additional price increases, especially in FAS/1F and #1 Common.

Soft Maple – The recent uptick in Soft Maple demand—from U.S., Canadian and foreign markets—has accelerated supply shortages and price increases.

Red Oak – Export sales were good and getting better, especially to the Far East. In contrast, demand from domestic cabinet and furniture factories was slow. Strip flooring plants in the U.S. were still buying sizeable volumes of #2 and #3 Common, but many Canadian plants were off the market.

Poplar – Green prices climbed faster than KD. While concentration yards said KD prices didn’t justify the green price increases, strong exports and the threat of shortages had some paying them anyways.

Walnut – Walnut remained hot, particularly in Chinese markets.

Soft Maple Wood Demand Up in Canada, U.S. and ExportsHardwood Publishing offers Hardwood Review, Hardwood Leader, WoodLogics and other services  for lumber buyers and sellers in the wood manufacturing industries.
 Soft Maple Wood Demand Up in Canada, U.S. and Exports

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