LAS VEGAS - ShopBot Tools introduced its automatic tool changer (ATC) this morning at the AWFS Vegas Fair.

Company President Ted Hall said, "For many years, customers have asked us for having an automatic tool changer on their ShopBots." 

The changer system is powered by an HSD ES915 5-hp spindle that can also be installed on existing PRSalpha CNCs. The ATC system includes the HSD spindle, a pneumatically assisted Z axis, six-position tool bank (for a 4-foot-wide tool) or eight-position tool bank (for a 5-foot or wider tool), fixed-position Z-zero plate, chuck holder, pneumatically operated dust skirt and ATC interface card.

The company alslo announced a new partnership with Thermwood, which will allow ShopBot users to take advantage of Thermwood's e-Cabinet software to design and nest parts for cabinets and furniture.

"Having multiple heads and the ATC will allow the most efficient use of e-cabinets," Hall said. He added that customers  who make manual tool changes,  could also benefit from e-Cabinet Systems.
Hall also previewed some behind the scenes developments that are in the works. Among them is,, a new online community of local workshiops with CNC routers to make components for customers that do not have such capabilities. will be a Web site serving as "a community of local workshop ready to make your stuff. "

Hall concluded his portion of the press conference by holding up his iPhone to demonstrate how ShopBot users will be able to control their machines with an iPhone ap. 


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