AUSTIN, TX — ShopBot Tools, a leader in the design, manufacture and sale of affordable CNC systems, earned two Make: magazine Editor’s Choice awards at Maker Faire, held Oct 18 and 19 in Austin, TX. The first award was given for the ShopBot Buddy 48 CNC system with PowerStick, and the second award was given for the ShopBot Shed. The Buddy 48 is a compact, mobile CNC router with a 48-inch Y axis and a Z axis that, with the addition of the PowerStick attachment, is extendable to 12 feet long. The ShopBot Shed is a digitally fabricated structure based on the MIT-designed and ShopBot-built New Orleans House, currently on exhibit at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.  The Shed, like the New Orleans house, is a permanent structure, constructed entirely of ShopBot-cut plywood parts and assembled without the use of nails, screws or other metal hardware.  Editors of Make: and Craft: magazines awarded blue ribbons to Maker Faire sponsors and exhibitors who best exemplified the DIY  philosophy.

ShopBot is in its third year as a Maker Faire sponsor and exhibitor.  This year, for the first time, ShopBot brought its annual Jamboree to Austin for the three days leading up to the Maker Faire.  The ShopBot Jamboree is an annual gathering of ShopBot owners and CNC enthusiasts from around the world.

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