PORTLAND, OR – The Oregonian reported Friday, March 12, that “flesh-detecting technology like SawStop’s,” is at the center of some 60 personal injury lawsuits pending against table saw manufacturers.

Recently, a Boston jury awarded $1.5 million to a man whose hand was severely injured while using a Ryobi table saw.

The injured man’s legal team successfully convinced the jury that table saw design is “defective” and that their client’s injury could have been prevented if the saw had been outfitted with a safety device like the SawStop. SawStop is readily familiar to woodworkers who have seen demonstrations at industry trade shows in which a hot dog placed against an operating saw blade results in barely a nick.

"There was definitely a feeling of vindication," said Stephen Gass, SawStop’s inventor and founder. "We've been continuously attacked. There was a lot of personal satisfaction when the verdict came out."

According to The Oregonian article, there are approximately 700,000 table saws in use throughout the United States.

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