Saunders Brothers, which bills itself as "America's Dowel Maker," has announced it reopened - the first of four wood industry plants acquired by its new owners. Saunders Brothers, closed for seven-weeks beginning in May, says it will expand into another product area: rolling pins. 

Production is already underway on the company’s core group of products, including dowels, dowel pins, and the Aqua-Pin, Saunders’ pre-glued dowel pin. Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) visited the plant earlier this month for a tour and a look at its rolling pin products.

New owner Louise Jonaitis is responsible for the day-to-day operations. Sanders Borthers said many of its former employees have returned to work and more will be brought back as business grows.

Saunders Brothers originally closed its 71,700-square-foot plant back in May, putting 55 people out of work. Jonaitis and her partner Steve LaFreniere purchased it, along with the 26.63-acre mill complex, in July for $450,000 at an auction. She and her partners have also purchased wood products plants in Fryeburg and Andover, ME.

For information, contact Saunders Brothers at 207-875-2853.

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