HAM LAKE, MN -- Safety Speed Cut is now Safety Speed Manufacturing, as clearly evidenced in the new logo the woodworking machinery manufacturer recently unveiled.

The company said the new logo and name are part of an ongoing strategic effort to expand its product lines and enhance its brand identity.

“The new graphics are a significant milestone in our business strategy that will continue to position Safety Speed Manufacturing as a leading American manufacturer of high-quality woodworking machinery," said Tom Houska, marketing representative of Safety Speed Manufacturing. "As we move forward into a new era, the new look represents a modern yet distinctive brand, which will help us grow our product lines for years to come while providing more brand consistency in our marketing communications efforts.”

The new name is a shortened version of Safety Speed Cut Manufacturing Co. Inc.

“The word “Cut” in our name no longer represents our full capacity; our current products can cut, rout, sand, and edge material," said Brian Donahue, president.

Safety Speed Cut is a member of the Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America (WMMA).

Read Safety Speed Manufacturing's press release

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