MEMPHIS, TN — The National Hardwood Lumber Assn. is now accepting applications for the 14-week Lumber Inspection Program which begins Jan. 7, 2009 in Memphis, TN.

The NHLA Inspector Training School has graduated more than 6,700 students since its conception 66 years ago. The Program teaches the rules and applications of the NHLA grading system and prepares students for a career in the hardwood industry. The 14-week course is comprised of 408 contact hours through a combination of lecture, lab time and group studies. This unique program has earned worldwide respect, consequently attracting students from throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.

Hardwood Lumber Inspectors determine the species, grade, volume and value of each piece of lumber. Due to the reputation of the NHLA Inspection School, graduates are often in demand as many companies require their inspectors to be NHLA graduates.

Rich Hascher, Inspector School Instructor describes the school’s philosophy on student success, “We make sure that we provide every student that comes through this door the opportunity to achieve their goals and is prepared with the knowledge they need to succeed when they go out this door.” In the last 12 months, out of 56 students who graduated from the program, 54 have been placed in their field of study equaling a 96% job placement rate.

To enroll or learn more please contact Crystal Oldham, Director of Education at [email protected] or call 901.507.0312 or visit

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