LINCOLNSHIRE, IL -- PremierGarage Systems LLC topped the 17th Annual WOOD 100 Report of fast-growing wood products companies, published in the September issue of Wood & Wood Products.


The Phoenix, AZ-based company'™s ascent to the top of the WOOD 100 rankings was propelled by a sales surge of 217.3% from $3,848,000 in 2004 to $12,210, 2005.


PremeirGarage was founded in 2003 by President and CEO Mark Loberg to manufacture garage organization system sold through a franchise network. The company recently added its 80th franchise and has franchise operations in 43 states and three Canadian provinces.


Loberg estimated his company's sales will grow by an additional 85% this year. To keep pace with heightened demand for its products, PremierGarage recently moved into a 57,000-square-foot facility equipped with new automated panel processing machinery primarily purchase from Biesse North America.


"We always have a lot on our plate and we obviously have projections for how we expect our network of franchises to grow," Loberg said. "It's our job as the franchisor and manufacturer/distributor to do what we have to do in terms of facilities, equipment and personnel and all the other support services that we offer maintain step with the franchise growth."


In addition to PremierGarage, four companies specializing in the manufacture of closet organization systems, made the 17th Annual WOOD 100 Report. They are:


* The Closet Guy Inc. of Beverly Hills, CA (No. 49).

Established in 2002 by Michael Mueller, The Closet Guy saw sales grow from $315,000 in 2004 to $412,000 in 2005, a 30.8% increase. Mueller said customer service is paramount to his firm's success. "I believe that showing up at a customer's house during a four-hour window is very wrong. People work and leave early in the mornings, so we arrive between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m.," he said.


* Closet Factory-Washington D.C. of Waldorf, MD (No. 61)

Closet Factory rang up an annual sales increase of 26.3% in reaching $4,003,000 in 2005. The 40-man company recently changed melamine panel and vinyl door suppliers and upgraded equipment. President Jan Stottlemyer said, "We have replaced our old Holzma bam saw with a Holzma HPP350 for increased production speed and have added an HVLP spray unit for finishing."


* Closet Works of Elmhurst, IL (No. 69)

Closet Works was founded in 1987 by Mike Carson, regular contributing columnist of CLOSETS and president of the Association of Closet and Storage Professionals. The company's annual sales grew 23.5% in hitting $9,864,000 last year. Carson said growing competition has led him to update software to streamline information flow via a labeling and scanning control system for manufacturing parts. In addition, he said he is striving to improve his company's metrics in the wake of increasing consumer price sensitivity.


* St. Louis Closet Co. of St. Louis, MO (No. 94)

St. Louis Closet marked its ninth appearance in the WOOD 100 as annual sales climbed 17.4% to $4,749,000 in 2005. President and owner Jennifer Quinn Williams said, "Organization is truly a lifestyle to be accomplished. With this, marketing and advertising is the only way to sell this lifestyle improvement." The 15-year-old company is planning to move into a new manufacturing facility, about triple the size of its current operat

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