BIRMINGHAM, AL – Smith Family Cos. Inc., a plywood component and wood pallet manufacturer based in Pelham, AL, has been cited with 17 safety violations by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
The citations carry proposed penalties totaling $51,100.

OSHA said it inspected the 19-year-old company as part of its site-specific targeting program for industries with high occupational injury and illness rates.

Roberto Sanchez, OSHA's area director in Birmingham, said, "A number of electrical hazards were found at Smith Family Cos. that exposed workers to electrical shocks and burns. It is unacceptable to expose workers to these kinds of hazardous working conditions."

Smith Cos. was written up for 16 serious violations, including failing to use lockout/tagout procedures for energy sources; provide railings for unguarded open-sided floors; mark permanent aisles or passageways where mechanical equipment was used; ensure tiers of wood were stacked, blocked, interlocked or limited in height so that they were stable and secure against sliding or collapse; provide emergency stop bars in red on hazardous machines; provide machine guarding; and provide appropriate splicing of electrical cords servicing equipment and ground prongs for extension cords.

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Posted by Rich Christianson

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