HOLLY SPRING, NC — OFM, a family-owned office and school furniture manufacturer, distributor and wholesaler, recently announced its own “stimulus plan” — a new product line of low-priced, high-quality faux leather office chairs called the Stimulus Series, named for the efforts to restart the U.S. economy. Though the chairs are inexpensive, they still have the high-quality standards for commercial use that customers have learned to expect, according to the company.

“We created this new series because we felt in a down economy people should be able to still sit in style and have the value and level of quality that they are used to,” said Blake Zalcberg, COO of OFM, who was behind the launch of the new product line. “A few years ago we introduced three similar models that were well-received so we saw this as an opportunity to expand our product line with the latest stylish designs.”

When the first three chairs proved popular, the company expanded the line to eight chairs and named it after the economic recovery efforts. The chairs are made using a material without animal byproducts to simulate the look and feel of real leather.

To learn more about the OFM stimulus plan, click here.

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